Monday, April 28, 2014

OMG….Grandma is a socialist!!!

I spent the early part of Easter Sunday thanking Jesus for the sacrifice He made for us. After a few hours my thoughts shifted towards an extreme dislike I have of the capitalistic aspects of what we've turned Easter into. Eventually, I shifted to plotting ways to murder the Easter Bunny in a way that Jesus would approve of. (My logic lies in that the Easter Bunny being mythical Jesus wouldn’t disprove of a public execution, lol). By midday I have arrived at my traditional family gathering and I was just enjoying the food and atmosphere. Until, the egg hunt began that is. That’s when my earlier thoughts took the forefront of my mind. Then a simple fact that had been overlooked, something that had been a part of this tradition as long as I could remember smacked me right in the face. Grandma is a socialist.
Wait, what? A socialist?  Then I drifted back to my childhood and I seen it. Every year, after the egg hunt, my grandmother went around to each child and made sure that everyone had an equal amount of money and often candy.
I know that socialism is a word that we hardly used in this country until the scary black guy; I mean President Obama was voted into the White House and I know that it seems that everyone has a different definition of the word. But the simplest definition of Socialism is that everyone that participates gets an equal share.
Now it’s simple to surmise that grandma just wants everyone to feel included and equal (so evil), she wants to spare the feelings of those that may not be as fast or as strong (keeps getting worse), she wants to minimize the chances of someone to have a bad day or memory (someone call a priest and schedule an exorcism).
My curiosity got the best of me so I did a poll at work. I talked to eight of my coworkers and all but one of them had similar memories. The one that didn’t fit in, sadly, their grandmother had passed before their memory could recall.
So after much thought and deliberation only one question was left unanswered….if most of us grew up with memories of a wonderful grandmother wanting nothing more than for everyone to be happy and healthy and equal, that we came to hate equality (i.e. socialism)?