Friday, February 7, 2014


Hello everyone and welcome to Musings and Rants. I am hoping to turn this blog into my flagship endeavor to illuminate those that I come into contact with about what’s truly happening in this country, as well as other things. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have a grudge against dish soap and take to the internet to release some tension. Otherwise, I plan to focus mainly on the topics of the day. Combined with my Facebook page Occupy Media (, I hope to foster an environment of debate and discussion. I am not particularly interested in only interacting with those that think along the same lines as I do. I also, enjoy sharing ideas with those from the other side in an attempt to find the middle ground that our legislators refuse to find. If the people can stand together then it isn’t unreasonable to hold our elected body to the same standards. 

I feel that one of the problems we face, and believe me there are many, is that our citizenry is too focused on arguing with each other over one or two issues. And while we’re distracted with gay rights and abortion laws, pieces have been moved to position corporations at the head of the table in this country. So while we bitch and moan about the details of the Affordable Care Act, major corporations have alleviated their tax liability, decreased employees’ rights and increased profits one hundred fold. But I digress…for now.

For the sake of true introductions, I suppose I should give a little background about myself. Please keep in mind that I’m not usually the type to speak in great length about myself, I do feel that my readers should know at least a little about me. My name is Dwayne Mulder and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have my entire life. I’ve spent most of my adult life dreaming of living on the west coast, but have yet to see that dream fulfilled. I have no children but do have wonderful nieces and a nephew that I have not spent enough time with. I graduated from Northwest High School in 1997 and am currently enrolled at Ivy Tech. One would think that I would perhaps be majoring in journalism or political science but that’s not the case. My major is for an Associate of Applied Science Computer Information Technology. As it turns out, I’m just a computer nerd that has had more than he can take and is finding any way possible to make a difference in this country. 

Moving forward, I plan to get at least one post in a week. I plan to integrate my Facebook endeavor’s with this blog and grow an audience of like minded and differently minded people so that maybe we can band together and begin a grassroots movement to bring forth much needed change to this country. I fully plan to respond personally to each comment left on the blogger website. The time is now so please make sure that if you have a question, ask it. If you like what I’m saying, share it with your friends and family. If you dislike what I’m saying, let me know. We can chat about it. Follow me on Facebook, (search for Occupy Media 2013), Twitter, (@OccupyMedia2013) or email me I look forward to the future and what I see brewing on the horizon. Come and join me and let’s make some noise together.