Friday, October 10, 2014

Miscellaneous Rant About Nothing in Particular.

The difficulty of finding profundity in one’s thoughts isn't by any means an easy task. Finding it easy to laugh at oneself is much more difficult. I've learned so very much in my life. There is only one thing can say without a doubt I know. I know that there isn't much I know. Every time I think I've managed to stranglehold life it shows me how very little I am compared to the omnipotent power than it possess. I am dirt in its hands. Life is under God’s control and I’m less than dirt in His sight line.
Why is it the American people are so incessant with what they think and don’t allow new factual information the opportunity to shift their points of view? I mean, take any topic, any situation, any stance. If new information surfaces about said topic that is relevant enough to allow it to be heard, don't you think, at least listen and allow the words to envelope you? What actually happens is; once a couple of words are heard that they don't like or agree with, they either interrupt with whatever half listened rebuttal they can muster or they allow the information to flow but they are trapped in their heads screaming silently at the speaker about how wrong he is again without listening to all the information. The preconceived notions that have been the unruffled distortion that many have been born into can and will never be unhinged. These people are trapped in their decadent time and ways. The rest of the world almost doesn’t exist around those in this mindset. And they have most of the control of the country and really the world. Their bloodlust of greed is unending and once they've had their fill of average people they will begin to eat each other until only one remains like the movie The Highlander. Except they don't consume a soul, they inhale all monetary assets. I suppose the good news is that with everyone carrying smartphones and social media the feast will be broadcast from every angle with a live 24 hour news stream accessible at any given moment.
I've recently been attempting to catch up on the HBO show Last Night with John Oliver show. I typically don't advocate any particular television show but I recommend it to anyone looking for a light hearted take on relevant world news, this is the show to watch. Thinking about TV shows, why is this country so star and reality TV obsessed? When shows like Survivor, Honey Boo Boo and American Idol receive more undivided attention than any informational or educational outlet you'd have to surmise that this country is backward. I find it difficult to believe from a country populated with a disillusion that this is hands down the best country on the planet would be so repulsed with learning and being knowledgeable hardly seems like a factual statement.  Sadly however, it is a factual statement. This country is so distracted with trivial matters and Kim Kardashian. That we don't see the devil in the details, we think we have freedom, we kind of do but not much more than most other modern nations. But we're so indifferent and distracted that we barely notice anything other than the fear mongering television news and prime time local television.

I digress; I could go on that path until the only simile I can create would hardly be coherent. I didn't really have a particular topic I just wanted to sit and see what came out. I thought I'd share it with whoever took the time to read it. Feel free to comment, I enjoy hearing from you. As always, the best to you and yours and I wish each of you smooth sailing through the uphill stream that is life. I'll leave you with this; never assume you have control of a situation, the stronger your belief of control the more likely the chance that you'll lose it.